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My experience with drinking watercress juice, we present it to the diet magazine, the way watercress juice works, the benefits of watercress juice for the skin, the benefits of watercress juice for slimming, the benefits of watercress juice for hair, and the benefits of watercress juice for men, you can use a lot of herbs and plant extracts to stay healthy, But it is difficult to find one that can offer as many health benefits as watercress thanks to this semi-aquatic herb. Doctors use it due to its healing properties. It is widespread in the United States, Asia and Europe, and usually grows along river banks, has round leaves and a pungent flavor, watercress is used to treat a number of diseases. Medical conditions, and in the following we will learn valuable information about the watercress herb in my experience with drinking watercress juice

My experience with drinking watercress juice

There is no doubt that watercress helps to treat many diseases, learn about the benefits of drinking watercress juice through the following experiments.

  1. First experience: I did not notice any clear benefit to my hair or skin from drinking watercress juice, but it was useful in cleaning the intestines and getting rid of intestinal confusion because it is rich in fiber as it contains fewer calories. A number of people are concerned about the calories they eat during Eat their favorite vegetables, so you can prefer watercress juice because it contains fewer calories. Watercress contains a high percentage of fiber. Watercress juice can help you in the process of digestion, as it contains fibers that greatly benefit the metabolism. Watercress is considered one of the anti-cancer vegetables, as watercress contains inhibitors of cancer-causing agents. Watercress juice contains folic acid, and if you drink even a small cup of watercress juice can give good benefits for a pregnant woman, as folic acid works to prevent neural tube defects in children.
  2. The second experience: Watercress juice is very wonderful for the hair and it lengthens quickly and I tried it after one of them told me about it that her daughter’s hair reached her knees from it and I actually used it for a while and it reached the end of my back and I was doing it day and day and I used to make it with watercress after squeezing it from the blender, not with the dough that came out, not with its juice My method is as follows: Just wash your hair with shampoo and then bring this watercress juice and apply it to your hair well, the ends and the roots and all of it, and it will dry out. When it dries, you can sleep with it. I used to sleep with it because that is better, but take care of the blouse that you wear until it dries, so that it does not change it and then Wash it with a regular conditioner, because you washed it with the first shampoo.. and watercress was just water. If you notice that your hair is dry or dry, it is normal watercress, you feel that it dries it a little, but the first thing you wash it is okay, but if your hair is already dry, you can put olive oil as the girls tell you, but I did not try it With olive oil, to be honest, after washing my hair with conditioner, I put castor oil and wrapped my hair with a very hot towel and repeated it four times for thickening.

How to make watercress juice

  • The first method: Experts advise preparing watercress juice, which is applied to the hair to obtain healthy hair, as follows: 100 grams of chopped watercress leaves are placed with a teaspoon of olive oil or aloe vera oil, 100 grams of pure white alcohol is added to it, and all are mixed. In the blender well, then put in a bottle and shake well before use, and paint the roots of the hair and scalp twice a day, and keep in the refrigerator until used again, and the effectiveness of this juice has been proven in revitalizing the scalp, ridding it of bacteria, eliminating dandruff, and improving the health of hair and its growth.
  • The second method: Prepare watercress juice Ingredients a packet of watercress. Two kiwis. A tablespoon of honey. Cold water. Method of preparation Wash the watercress leaves well to get rid of the dirt and dirt stuck in them, taking into account the removal of the stems. Peel and chop the kiwi, then put the watercress leaves in a blender. Add the chopped kiwi and mix on medium speed, then add honey and an appropriate amount of water so that it becomes a smooth mixture. Add ice cubes and serve cold watercress juice.
  • The third method: The watercress is placed in a strainer under warm running water and washed well, then toasted from the weeds and cut its stems and only the leaves are preserved, and then soaked in one cup of vinegar and four cups of water until the germs are killed, for a period of no less than half an hour. Put the arugula bundle after soaking in a bowl, so that it dries well. Place in a blender and blend, plus 1 cup of water, for at least 2 minutes. The kiwi kernels are placed in the electric mixer, after they are well peeled, then cut into small pieces, and then the mixer is turned on for at least three minutes. Gradually add the amount of cold water according to the desired consistency, then add a spoon of honey and mix the mixture for at least five minutes.
  • Fourth method: Watercress juice with milk and honey Ingredients a bunch of watercress. a cup of milk. A quarter of a cup of honey. Pieces of ice. Method of preparation Put the watercress, milk, and honey in the electric mixer. Mix the ingredients well until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Serve juice and add ice as desired.

Benefits of watercress juice for the skin

  • Watercress is a magical remedy to eliminate skin and skin problems, and it is considered one of the most important natural plants rich in benefits in terms of health in general and aesthetics in particular.
  • Watercress maintains the health and vitality of the skin and skin; Because it contains many vitamins, such as vitamin A, C and E, watercress helps moisturize the skin and make it smooth as silk, as it contains antioxidants, which in turn fight free radicals harmful to the skin, and this delays the appearance of signs of aging of the skin, including wrinkles. and fine lines.
  • Watercress helps to cool the skin and relieve itching, as it is soothing to the skin, and it also works to reduce the effects of skin burns.
  • Protects the skin from cancer, because watercress contains vitamin C and vitamin A, which
  • They help protect skin cells from damage that can be caused by the sun, as well as protect the skin from cancer when exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Watercress is considered an anti-aging plant, as it contains a large amount of vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants that help remove wrinkles from the skin when consuming the equivalent of one cup of watercress daily.
  • Watercress relieves acne and other skin problems, and helps clean and purify the skin from infections.
  • It contains in its composition a high percentage of fibers, which makes it the basis for the rejuvenation and vitality of the skin, and it prevents and delays the appearance of signs of aging of the skin, including wrinkles, fine and white lines, aliasing and others, that is, the signs of aging in general.
  • It contains a high percentage of folic acid, which reflects positively and clearly on the freshness and radiance of the skin, and helps to a large extent to get rid of the effects and signs of freckles and melasma, as well as treats skin diseases, including vitiligo.
  • Applying watercress oil to the area of ​​dark circles helps to noticeably reduce blackness because it contains vitamin K, which is the best vitamin to take care of dark circles.

Benefits of watercress juice for weight loss

  • Watercress is one of the most important vegetables for the body, especially for women who are looking for fitness; Because it helps in obtaining the ideal weight, in addition to containing many vitamins needed to nourish it,
  • Watercress is one of the available and easy-to-obtain vegetables, and it can be eaten alone or added to salads, sandwiches, or other food items. It can also be made as a soup or soup of watercress, or even making watercress juice. Watercress helps to lose weight, because it contains a high concentration of
  • Nutrients per calorie, which helps to feel full for longer, which helps with slimming.
  • Watercress helps to lose weight when consumed constantly in the diet, as it provides a large group of minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B6, B12 and C, in addition to a very small amount of calories, which makes it burn the accumulated fat.
  • Watercress enhances the health of the body’s immune system and improves digestion, because it contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps fight infections.
  • An important assistant for slimming the body, as it contains a very low amount of calories, every hundred grams of watercress contains only 11 calories, so it is the least calorie-containing vegetable, besides that it is low in its content of fat and cholesterol.
  • Watercress enhances the feeling of satiety, as watercress contains antioxidants, mineral salts and fibers that give you a feeling of satiety.

Benefits of watercress juice for hair

  1. Prevents hair loss: A wet scalp prevents hair loss, and watercress, as I mentioned earlier, helps moisturize the scalp. Helps hair growth: Watercress juice stimulates the scalp and helps hair growth, because it balances hormones, in addition to containing vitamin A, which provides nutrients that help promote hair growth and nourish it.
  2. Intensifying hair using watercress Intensifying hair using watercress Watercress intensifies the hair and saves it from the dryness that it is exposed to as a result of many different environmental factors. To apply this recipe, put a sufficient amount of watercress leaves in the electric mixer and turn it on a medium degree and chop it finely, then add a little water, And chop it for another half a minute, then put the resulting mixture on the hair, especially at the ends and roots, and massage it for five minutes, then leave it for a quarter of an hour and rinse it with warm water and shampoo, and repeat this recipe twice a week to get an effective and wonderful result.
  3. Improving hair health by stopping hair loss, providing important nutrients for hair, nourishing and moisturizing hair roots and getting rid of dandruff. It is recommended to use watercress oil for hair by using it as a hair mask to get vitamins and nutrients in it, and watercress oil can also be obtained by eating it by adding it to dishes .
  4. It has an amazing effect on the scalp, making it healthy. If we use watercress for the scalp, we find it clean and healthy. Watercress is considered here as a strong antiseptic. Watercress resists infection and inflammation, as it is rich in zinc and sulfur, and this keeps the scalp away from infection with bacteria, and keeps the scalp moist, and prevents it from drying out, thus protecting it from dandruff.

Watercress juice benefits for men

  • Watercress is believed to have aphrodisiac properties; It was found that extracts of watercress leaves raise the level of testosterone, which enhances sexual desire, and it also contributes to improving fertility by increasing the activity of sperm, in an animal study.
  • Fighting Erectile Dysfunction It was found that eating watercress with a medicine intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure may help improve the effectiveness of this type of medicine and strengthen its effect. You should consult a doctor
  • About these types of drugs because they are very harmful to the heart and blood vessels.
  • Watercress juice has similar properties to watercress, as both have the same sexual benefits. Since the first century, watercress has been known to be one of the plants that increases sexual desire. Research has discovered that minerals and antioxidants found in dark leafy vegetables such as watercress are necessary for sexual health because they It helps prevent the absorption of some environmental pollutants that are believed to negatively affect sexual desire.
  • Enhance sexual arousal One of the benefits of watercress for men is that it may help to disrupt the negative effect of some harmful chemicals that may infiltrate the body from the surrounding environment, substances that may have a negative impact on men’s sexual desire. This type of potential benefit is often attributed to the fact that watercress contains various types of antioxidants and some trace minerals.
  • Therefore, one of the most important benefits of watercress for men is to enhance sexual ability, as watercress is highly effective in this matter as it works to increase the number of sperms and their production more strongly. It is also a stimulus to sexual desire, and therefore watercress is recommended for newlyweds. It is worth noting that the use of watercress to naturally enhance the sexual ability of men is not new, but it has been used for this purpose since ancient times, as the Persians, Romans and ancient Arabs used it.

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